Frequently Asked Question Related to CareGiverInfo and  OurMedDB

Q. What personal information can be stored for an individual in CareGiverInfo and OurMedDB?

       Name, date of birth, social security number, blood type, insurance and whether the person is the “owner” of the device. The owner information is used to  

       display the name of the individual on the lock screen for emergency situations. OurMedDB also provides the capability to store the passcode and the 

       password of an individual so that the owner can be an emergency contact for that individual.

Q. What medical information can be stored for an individual in CareGiverInfo and OurMedDB?

       Conditions, treatments, medications, allergies, medical tests performed, a history of test results and immunizations.

Q. Can the physicians of a person be stored in CareGiverInfo and OurMedDB?

      Yes, and for each physician both Apps can store whether that person is the primary physician, the phone number, the area of specialization, the main 

      hospital where the physician practices, as well as the next appointment date and time the selected person has with the physician.

Q. Does all the data have to be entered for a person at one time?

      No, the user has the freedom to enter as little information as desired at any one time. For example, at one time one can enter one medication for one person 

      and at another time one test result for one person.

Q. Does the keyboard of the device required to spell out all data entry?

      No, if you have iPhone version 4S or later then you can enter all but password information verbally using the following procedure:

             1. Click on the field you wish to enter

             2. On the keyboard displayed select the microphone and verbally state the information you wish to enter

             3. Click on the Done control and note the text being displayed

             4. If required correct the spelling with the keyboard

      Since date is used for sorting the best way to add dates verbally is to say "Year Slash Month (in numbers) Slash Day" which will create the desired 

      YYYY/MM/DD format.

      With CareGiverInfo and iPhone 6 or later you can enter all information without using the keyboard by having a conversation with the App. CareGiverInfo 

      verbally requests a specific information and once the user answers it and says "DONE" then the App automatically verbally continues and requests the next 

      required information.

Q. If I wish to have a specific person's medical information in more than one device does it have to be entered into 

     each device separately?

      No, It only requires to be entered into one device and after that it can be copied to any number of devices. Both CareGiverInfo and OurMedDB provide this 


Q. Is the personal and medical information stored secure?

      Yes, because it is stored with password protection directly on the device so that no information is passed through the Internet. In addition. if a passcode is 

      used then it is stored on the device in an encrypted form.

Q. What if one forgets the password needed to gain access to all the information?

      After 5 consecutive incorrect password entries CareGiverInfo and OurMedDB requires that the initially created security question be answered before a new 

      password can be assigned. In the event that 5 consecutive incorrect security answers are entered then the Apps delete all the sensitive information, such as 

      social security numbers, dates of births, medical conditions and medications, and then allows the creation of a new security question and answer, and a new 

      password. The people previously stored on the device are retained. CareGiverInfo and OurMedDB thus handles all password related issues without the 

      need to contact any 3rd parties and the data is protected even if the device is lost or stolen.

Q. How can I get familiar with all the screens in CareGiverInfo and OurMedDB?

      Both Apps provide a demo using a fictitious John Doe family, enabling the viewing and usage of the same screens that are used with the password protected 

      personal data.

Q. What is the best way to get started to store personal information into the system?

      For CareGiverInfo a password of "passwordnotused" is automatically entered so the user can simply activate Login and then New to start entering 

      individuals into the system. The use of a password is thus optional. If the user wishes to employ a password then the Change PSWD can be activated as 

      described for OurMedDB below.

      For OurMedDB enter “changeme” as the password and then select the Change PSWD control. When the Assign Password screen is displayed enter a 

      security question and answer and then a new password followed by activation of the Save and Login control. Activate the + icon and add yourself into the 

      system. Select yourself and add your medical conditions, treatments, etc. all at once or in several steps. Use both keyboard and voice entries to get familiar 

      with both. Setup your emergency contacts and the lock wallpaper so that EMS personnel could contact them and get your passcode and password. 

      Ultimately the goal is for several members of the family to have all the information about the members, including the passcodes and passwords of the other 


Q. Will the data entered be backed up as part of the iTunes and iCloud backup procedures?

      Yes, it will be. It is important to perform backup procedures regularly to be prepared for device upgrading and to deal with lost or stolen devices.